Electron Releases - v23.2.0

npm install electron@v23.2.0
yarn add electron@v23.2.0

Release Notes


  • Added the enableLocalEcho flag to the session handler ses.setDisplayMediaRequestHandler() callback for allowing remote audio input to be echoed in the local output stream when audio is a WebFrameMain. #37529 (Also in 24)


  • Fixed an issue where BroadcastChannel did not work correctly when contextIsolation: false. #37444 (Also in 24)
  • Fixed an issue with potential dock icon duplication on macOS. #37624 (Also in 22, 24)
  • Fixed issue with BrowserWindow not updating after call to previewFile. #37577 (Also in 22, 24)
  • Improved error messages on session.cookies.set failure. #37596 (Also in 22, 24)