Electron Releases - v31.2.0

npm install electron@v31.2.0
yarn add electron@v31.2.0

Release Notes


  • Enabled the Windows Control Overlay API on Linux. #42682 (Also in 30, 32)


  • Fixed a focus issue when calling BrowserWindow.setTopBrowserView. #42734 (Also in 30, 32)
  • Fixed an issue where Chromium could crash on a dangling unretained pointer in one of several webRequest functions. #42751 (Also in 32)
  • Fixed an issue where navigator.mediaDevices.enumerateDevices could return broken results in some cases after calling session.setPermissionCheckHandler. #42809 (Also in 30, 32)
  • Fixed an issue where control could fail to return properly after saving a dialog using showOpenDialogSync on Linux. #42678 (Also in 29, 30, 32)
  • Fixed an issue where the user-specified default path did not work in some circumstances when using Linux dialogs. #42685 (Also in 30, 32)

Other Changes

  • Fixed an issue where opening multiple file pickers on Windows via the input tag could cause a crash. #42825 (Also in 32)
  • Updated Chromium to 126.0.6478.127. #42646
  • Updated Node.js to v20.15.0. #42614