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Release Notes for v1.6.1

Bug Fixes

  • [SECURITY] Node's Buffer class is no longer available on the window global when Node integration is disabled. #8605
  • Fixed an issue where certain modules, like coffee-script, threw errors when required. #8618
  • Fixed an issue where the focused window would lose focus when an invisible window was created. #8676
  • The minimumFontSize, defaultFontSize, and defaultMonospaceFontSize settings can now be configured via the webpreferences attribute of a <webview> tag. #8542
  • Fixed a crash where the browser context did not shutdown cleanly. #8654
  • Fixed a crash on file lock verification. #8679


  • Fixed an issue where a titleBarStyle value of hidden-inset did not work on certain OS versions. #8619
  • Fixed an issue where private OS APIs were being used in the Mac App Store build causing apps to be rejected. #8668
  • Fixed the scroll-touch-end event not firing. #8673
  • Fixed BrowserWindow.setVibrancy not working on certain OS versions. #8717

API Changes

  • Added a app.getFileIcon(path, callback) API to get the native icon for a file type. #7851
  • The callback specified to the session.setCertificateVerifyProc API is now provided the certificate verification result and can be rejected with any error code supported by Chrome. #7955
  • The dialog.showMessageBox API now supports showing a checkbox with a message in the dialog. The state of the checkbox will be provided to the callback. #8590
  • webContents now emits a will-attach-webview event that can be used to configure the settings of a<webview> tag before it is attached. Calling event.preventDefault() will destroy the <webview>. #8584
  • The zoom preferences on webContents are now persisted in a session on a per-origin basis. #8537
  • Added support for webContents.invalidate() on non-offscreen pages to schedule a paint of the entire view. #8628


  • dialog.showSaveDialog now supports message, nameFieldLabel, and showsTagField options. #8556
  • dialog.showOpenDialog now supports a message option. #8556
  • dialog.showOpenDialog now supports a noResolveAliases property to disable automatic alias (symlink) resolution. #8617
  • Added a crashReporter.setExtraParameter API to adjust the extra data sent on crashes. #8648

Release Notes for v1.6.0

Note: This is a beta release. This is the first release running on an upgraded version of Chrome and may have some instability and/or regressions. Please file new issues for any bugs you find in it.

This release is published to npm under the beta tag and can be installed via npm install electron@beta.


  • Upgraded from Chrome 54.0.2840.101 to 56.0.2924.87. #8501
  • Upgraded from v8 5.4.500.43 to 5.6.326.50. #8501
  • Upgraded the NODE_MODULE_VERSION/process.versions.modules from 51 to 53. #8501