Electron Releases

Release Notes for v0.33.4


  • Add support for preload modules (--require) in the default app.
  • Add session.enableNetworkEmulation and session.disableNetworkEmulation APIs.
  • Move devtools-opened, devtools-closed, devtools-focused events from BrowserWindow to WebContents.
  • Move devToolsWebContents property from BrowserWindow to WebContents.
  • A few improvements on the sendInputEvent API.
  • Requests with unhandled protocols like mailto: are now opened by system's default application.
  • Reduce memory usage when calling <webview>'s methods.
  • Fix network throttling in devtools not working.
  • Fix source map not loading for JavaScript in devtools.
  • Fix context menu not working for devtools opened for <webview>.
  • Fix the regression of window.outerHeight and window.outerWidth being set to 0 in hidden window.


  • Fix extension not added to filename in file dialogs when custom filter is specified.
  • Fix maximize/mnimize events not emitted for AeroSnap.


  • Improve how we detect whether Unity is running.