Electron Releases

Release Notes for v0.33.1


  • Add webContents.enableDeviceEmulation API.
  • Add webcontents.beginFrameSubscription and webcontents.endFrameSubscription APIs.
  • Add sendInputEvent method for WebContents and <webview> tag.
  • Add webFrame.registerUrlSchemeAsPrivileged API.
  • Add more information of the request in did-get-redirect-request event.
  • Fix exception when reading an invalid file inside asar archive.

Release Notes for v0.33.0


  • Update to Node.js v4.1.0.
  • Add app.getLocale API.
  • Fix activate-with-no-open-windows emitted at wrong time.
  • Fix mimeType not working in registerStringProtocol and its families.
  • Fix crash when calling vm.createContext.
  • Fix occasional crash when closing devtools.


  • Fix crash when title-bar-style is set on OS X <= 10.9.
  • Fix crash when opening a new window after closing a window.