Electron Releases

Release Notes for v6.1.8


  • Fix BrowserWindow.setFocusable(true) not working on Windows. #21856
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when Notifications were closed in concert with app termination. #21718
  • Fixed a potential issue with active Menu garbage collection. #22152
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent communication between a sandboxed child window opened with nativeWindowOpen: false and an unsandboxed parent window. Also fixed document.visibilityState not working in sandboxed <webview>. #21697
  • Fixed an issue where window.print() only worked once on a single BrowserWindow. #21913
  • Fixed an issue where the credits set in About Panel credits were not dark mode aware on macOS. #21925
  • Fixed bug where the close event would not emit upon closing modal window on macOS. #22125
  • Fixed crash when restoring minimized hidden window on Windows. #22153
  • Fixed fuzzy font rendering when hot-plugging displays on macOS Catalina. #21878
  • Fixed incorrect button highlighting when defaultId is passed for dialog message boxes. #22150
  • Fixed media-specific globalShortcuts not working on macOS. #21690
  • Fixed memory leak when using javascript generator functions. #21774
  • Removed unneccessary breakpad_symbols directory from the dsym zip file. #22219

Other Changes

  • Updated crashReporter to throw an error for getLastCrashReport if crashReporter not started. #21684