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Release Notes for v8.0.0

Generating release notes between origin/7-1-x and origin/8-x-y for version v8.0.0

Breaking Changes

  • Upgraded to Chromium 80.0.3987.86 (New since Electron 7: Chromium 79, 80)
  • Upgraded to Node 12.13.0 (New since Electron 7: Node 12.9, 12.10, 12.11, 12.12, 12.13)
  • Upgraded to V8 8.0 (New since Electron 7: V8 7.9, 8.0)
  • IPC between main and renderer processes now uses the Structured Clone Algorithm. #20214


  • Added --enable-api-filtering-logging command-line switch, which enables caller stack logging for desktopCapturer and remote APIs that can be blocked or filtered. #20335
  • Added app.getApplicationNameForProtocol(). #21117
  • Added app.setAboutPanelOptions() support for credits and iconPath on Windows. #19420
  • Added BrowserWindow.moveAbove(mediaSourceId). #18926
  • Added contents.getAllSharedWorkers() and contents.inspectSharedWorkerById(workerId) to allow inspection of specific shared workers. #20389
  • Added Notification() options' timeoutType property to allows users to set timeout type for Linux and Windows notifications. #20153
  • Added Notification() options' urgency property to allow customization of Linux-based notifications. #20152
  • Added session.addWordToSpellCheckerDictionary API to support custom words in the. #21297
  • Added session.downloadURL() to allow downloads to trigger without a BrowserWindow. #19889
  • Added systemPreferences.getMediaAccessStatus().screen for detecting the new macOS Catalina permissions. #21116
  • Added trafficLightPosition option in BrowserWindow API to allow custom positioning of traffic lights. #21990
  • Added tray.displayBalloon() options: iconType, largeIcon, noSound and respectQuietTime. #19544
  • Added tray.focus(), which returns focus to the taskbar notification area. #19548
  • Added tray.removeBalloon(), which removes an already displayed balloon notification. #19547
  • Added WebContents.printToPDF() support for fitToPageEnabled and scaleFactor. #20436
  • Added win.accessibleTitle property to augment the window title for screen readers. #19698
  • Added options to enable customization of print page headers and footers. #19688
  • Added support for picture-in-picture mode for video elements. #17686
  • Added support for the built-in spellchecker. We will use the OS spellchecker on macOS and hunspell on all other platforms. #20897
  • Added the ability to prevent documents from being added to recent documents on Windows in open dialogs. #19669
  • Enable macOS users to fallback to item removal when when shell.moveItemToTrash fails. #19700
  • Exposed webContents.executeJavaScriptInIsolatedWorld. #21267
  • Exposing methods required by capturing a hidden webContents. #21895
  • Added BrowserWindow.will-move event support on macOS. #19641
  • Improved TouchBarButton and TouchBarLabel a11y with the new accessibilityLabel property. #20454


  • Added name of module to context-aware deprecation warning (#18397). #21958
  • Fixed Linux console warning about gtk_disable_setlocale(). #19986
  • Don't destroy active menus created as local objects in javascript. #19427
  • Fixed BrowserWindow.fromWebContents() to return null when no window is found for consistency with other APIs. #19983
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when calling crashReporter.getUploadedReports. #20428
  • Fixed a potential crash on faulty deviceNames in webContents.print(). #21982
  • Fixed an issue in the remote module which could cause the name of the Object constructor to be overwritten globally. #20637
  • Fixed an issue that prevented setuid binaries from being launched from the renderer process on Linux. #19953
  • Fixed an issue where menu.closePopup() would have no effect if called too soon after menu.popup(). #20114
  • Fixed an issue where net requests with redirection mode 'error' could incorrectly follow a redirect. #20686
  • Fixed an issue where microtasks could sometimes be scheduled too eagerly, causing crashes when invoking Electron APIs during promises in certain situations. #20303
  • Fixed an issue where sites using ShadowDOMV0, CustomElementsV0, or HTMLImports would not load properly. #21866
  • Fixed an issue with Node.js context initialization in renderer processes. #20836
  • Fixed async Node APIs not working after received IPC message. #19718
  • Fixed compilation error for native modules building with VS 2015. #21960
  • Fixed crash when doing redirect navigation with webRequest listener. #21841
  • Fixed debug symbol files on linux not containing private symbols. #20530
  • Fixed disabling color correct rendering with --disable-color-correct-rendering. #20356
  • Fixed issue with when playing videos or audio Electron would ask for accessibility access. #21998
  • Fixed memory leak when using protocol.registerSchemeAsPrivileged api. #20546
  • Fixed printing. #21059
  • Fixed setting content-type header with charset breaking protocol APIs. #20538
  • Fixed several deprecation warnings in Electron code. #20805
  • Fixed some systemPreferences.getColor() inconsistencies on macOS. #20611
  • Fixed white flash after restoring an app from the background. #19873
  • Prevented 'Reopen windows?' dialog from appearing on macOS after a crash. #19584
  • Re-enable DOM storage quota enforcement but change limit from 10MiB to 100MiB. #21380
  • Removed unnecessary chromium patch for browser compositor on mac. #20390
  • setLayoutZoomLevelLimits no longer works in Electron 8, so emit a warning message when using it. The function will be removed in Electron 9. #21360
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a WebContents was destroyed during a navigation event. #20099
  • Fixed bug in 8.0.0 beta releases that prevented the dictionarySuggestions property from being populated correctly when the built-in spellchecker is enabled. #22015

Other Changes

  • Added Windows on Arm (64 bit) release. #20094
  • Added Windows on Arm node header files to checksum file. #20255
  • Deprecated the default value of app.allowRendererProcessReuse (See #18397). #21287
  • Deprecated <webview>.getWebContents() due to its dependency on the remote module. #21039
  • Fixed first beta version choosing logic. bf66fe51
  • Made strip_absolute_paths_from_debug_symbols to false in debug.gn. #21316
  • No-notes. #18760, #20003
  • Removed undocumented ipcRenderer.sendToAll(). #19556