Electron Releases - v0.37.7

npm install electron@v0.37.7
yarn add electron@v0.37.7

Release Notes


  • Add mode option to webContents.openDevTools(options) API.
  • Add openExternal type of permission parameter to Session.setPermissionRequestHandler(handler) API.
  • Add process.windowsStore property to determine whether the app is an Windows Store app.
  • Fix random crash when accessing devToolsWebContents.hostWebContents.
  • Fix session.enableNetworkEmulation(options) API not working.
  • Fix WebContents.executeJavaScript(code) not working when called during a resource load after page is loaded.
  • Fix after using app.setPath to change the location of userData directory, a folder is still created at the default location.
  • Fix occasional exception when removing a reference to a remote object.


  • Avoid spawning new Squirrel processes when there is already one running.


  • Use the append hint when showing notifications.
  • Add app.importCertificate(options, callback) API.


  • Update the docs on how to submit latest versions of Electron to Mac App Store.
  • Add BrowserWindow.setSheetOffset(offset) for changing the offset when showing sheet.
  • Fix crash when app's name is long while using app.makeSingleInstance with Mac App Store build.