Electron Releases - v0.37.8

npm install electron@v0.37.8
yarn add electron@v0.37.8

Release Notes


  • Disable node integration in webview when it is disabled in host page. #5244
  • Make sure the userData directory is created during the ready event of app module. #5340
  • Throw error when autoUpdater.quitAndInstall() is called while there is no update. #5287
  • Add systemPreferences module. #5282
  • Add app.isDefaultProtocolClient(protocol) API. #5302
  • Fix occasional crash when doing GC. #5293
  • Fix app.makeSingleInstance(callback) wrongly returning true on first launch. #5311
  • Fix will-download event not emitted for HTML pages. #5315
  • Fix crash when navigating to a new location after downloading failed. #5315
  • Fix webContents.executeJavaScript not working after being called immediately after loadURL. #5319
  • Fix desktopCapturer.getSources not responding when there is subsequent calls with different arguments. #5320


  • Fix the Command Plus accelerator appearing as Shift Command = in menu. #5298


  • Fix display-removed event not working. #5334