Electron Releases - v11.4.8

npm install electron@v11.4.8
yarn add electron@v11.4.8

Release Notes


  • Fixed will-resize and will-move events not scaling the emitted newBounds rectangle to the appropriate Windows display scale factor. #29225 (Also in 12, 13)
  • Fixed drag and drop not working correctly for some x11 window managers. #29271 (Also in 12)
  • Fixed packaged apps allowing --require in NODE_OPTIONS on Windows. #29419

Other Changes

  • Fixed using custom v8 snapshots on Apple Silicon. #29347 (Also in 12, 13)
  • Security: backported fixes for CVE-2021-30518, CVE-2021-30516, CVE-2021-30515, CVE-2021-30513, CVE-2021-30512, CVE-2021-30510, CVE-2021-30508. #29250