Electron Releases - v17.4.0

npm install electron@v17.4.0
yarn add electron@v17.4.0

Release Notes


  • Added BrowserWindow method to change the button color, symbol color, and height of a window with WCO enabled. #33439 (Also in 18)


  • Fixed a potential crash in Browser.getFocusedWindow() when child windows are closed. #33539 (Also in 18)
  • Fixed an issue where new bounds set via setBounds was not correctly applied if the user was moving or resizing the window concurrently on Windows. #33543 (Also in 18)
  • Fixed an issue where the the window bounds would incorrectly change if BrowserWindow.unmaximize was called on a window whose user bounds were maximized. #33551 (Also in 16, 18)
  • Fixed incorrect return value of app.requestSingleInstanceLock() when setting non-existent user data folder. #33591 (Also in 16, 18, 19)
  • Fixed issues with frameless window animations and styling. #33611 (Also in 18, 19)

Other Changes

  • Fixed scroll lag on macOS with promotion displays. #33618
  • Security: backported fix for chromium:1311641. #33613