Electron Releases - v25.3.0

npm install electron@v25.3.0
yarn add electron@v25.3.0

Release Notes


  • Added the ability to send HTTP headers with session.downloadURL(). #38870 (Also in 26)


  • Fixed a crash when listing desktop capture sources on Wayland with PipeWire. #39051 (Also in 24, 26)
  • Fixed an issue where protocol.handle() never called its callback with the 'file' scheme. #39064
  • Fixed an issue where certain Electron classes had incorrect prototype class names. #39035 (Also in 26)
  • Fixed an issue where notifications created on macOS which have no actions will erroneously have a Show button visible. #39014 (Also in 24, 26)
  • Fixed an issue where removing a webview in a close callback could cause crashes. #39008 (Also in 24, 26)
  • Fixed display of title bar buttons on Wayland. #39044 (Also in 26)


  • Fixed an issue where setting bounds on BrowserViews can behave inconsistently across platforms. #39005 (Also in 26)