Electron Releases - v27.0.0-beta.7

npm install electron@v27.0.0-beta.7
yarn add electron@v27.0.0-beta.7
Note: This is a beta release, this means it may be shipping with an unreleased version of Chromium.
Please file new issues for any bugs you find in it.

Release Notes


  • Fixed same-party cookie functionality for first party sets. #39976

Other Changes

  • The app.runningUnderRosettaTranslation property has been deprecated. #39984 (Also in 25, 26)
  • The systemPreferences.getAppLevelAppearance, systemPreferences.setAppLevelAppearance and systemPreferences.appLevelAppearance APIs have been removed, as well as the alternate-selected-control-text value for systemPreferences.getColor. #39804