Electron Releases - v30.1.0

npm install electron@v30.1.0
yarn add electron@v30.1.0

Release Notes


  • BrowserWindow.show() now correctly restores focus to inactive apps on macOS. #42306 (Also in 31)
  • Fixed BrowserWindow vibrancy on macOS. #42263
  • Fixed an issue where BrowserView webContents were getting destroyed even when preventDefault was being set on the owning BrowserWindow's close event. #42371
  • Fixed an issue where dialogs did not work if they were parented to a BaseWindow and not a BrowserWindow. #42327 (Also in 31)
  • Fixed an issue where some calls to WebUSB methods could crash. #42364 (Also in 29, 31)

Other Changes

  • Updated Chromium to 124.0.6367.243. #42328
  • Updated Node.js to v20.14.0. #42294