Electron Releases - v5.0.12

npm install electron@v5.0.12
yarn add electron@v5.0.12

Release Notes


  • Fixed a crash in Menus related to menu.popup(). #20800
  • Fixed crashes when calling webContents.printToPDF() multiple times. #20812
  • Fixed fs.mkdir/mkdirSync hang with {recursive: true} for invalid names with node 12 on windows. #20664
  • Fixed memory leaks caused by callbacks not being released when the remote module is used in sub-frames (<iframe> or scriptable popup). #20816
  • Fixed native module size increase on windows, follow up fix to https://github.com/electron/electron/pull/20614. #20707
  • Fixed native modules size increase with VC++ and node 12 on windows. #20628
  • Fixed parsing of paths with .asar in directory name extensions. #20403
  • [deps/uv] fsevents: fix file event reporting (backport: v12.x). #20433