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Release Notes for v5.0.0-beta.1

Note: This is a beta release. Please file new issues for any bugs you find in it.

This release is published to npm under the beta tag and can be installed via npm install electron@beta, or npm i electron@5.0.0-beta.1.

Breaking Changes

  • Upgraded to Chromium 70.0.3538.79. #15405


  • Added activate option to webContents.openDevTools. #13852
  • Added app.commandLine.hasSwitch() / app.commandLine.getSwitchValue(). #16282
  • Added fileMenu / viewMenu / appMenu roles. #16328
  • Added ipc-message and ipc-message-sync events to webContents. #16468
  • Added preload-error event to webContents emitted when preload script fails (parse error, unhandled exception, etc.). #16411
  • Added a way to query for system colors on MacOS via systemPreferences.getSystemColor(). #16248
  • Added about panel customization on linux. #15658
  • Added event and method to detect high contrast color schemes . #15493
  • Added getMemoryFootprint API. #14847
  • Added macOS support for systemPreferences.getAccentColor(). #16251
  • Added macOS support to systemPreferences.getColor(). #16249
  • Added methods to DownloadItem that enable customization of the save dialog options during will-download events. #15497
  • Added response header support to protocol.registerFileProtocol to match protocol.registerStreamProtocol. #16098
  • Added support for DesktopCapturerSource.appIcon. 1f55f163
  • Added support for multiple browser views per BrowserWindow. #16148
  • Added support for running preload scripts and nodeIntegration in iframes. #16425
  • Allow for MacOS notifications to be immediately delivered. #16060
  • Allow numpad keys to be used as accelerators. #15689
  • Allow partial setting of window bounds with win.setBounds(). #15677
  • Allow registering of multiple globalShortcuts. #15542
  • Allowed filtering of remote.getBuiltin(), remote.getCurrentWindow(), remote.getCurrentWebContents and <webview>.getWebContents(). #16293
  • Converted zoomLevel() and zoomFactor() for webContents and <webview> to return a promise instead taking a callback. #16410
  • Deprecated modules internally using remote.require in sandboxed renderer context. #15145
  • Exposes an API to allow apps to determine their status as a trusted accessibility client. #16119
  • Feat: provide user system's region with app.getLocaleCountryCode(). #15035
  • Mixed-sandbox mode is now enabled by default. enableMixedSandbox and the --enable-mixed-sandbox command-line switch still exist for compatibility, but are deprecated and have no effect. #15894
  • Mixed-sandbox mode works on Linux. #15870
  • Promisifies app.getFileIcon. #15742
  • Promisify shell.openExternal() by splitting it into a sync and async method. #16176
  • Promisify win.capturePage(). #15743
  • The browser-backward and browser-forward app-command events events available in BrowserWindow now work on Linux. #15441
  • Unified behavior between the default app and packaged apps (application menu / window-all-closed handling). #16310
  • Updated SpellCheck API to support asynchronous results. #14032
  • Upgraded to Chromium 71.0.3578.98. #15966
  • WebContents.loadURL and loadFile now return a promise. #15855


  • 'win.setParentWindow(parent)' available also under Windows. #15775
  • Fixed a crash on Linux when starting a sandboxed renderer. The resourcesPath property is no longer available on process in sandboxed renderers. #15701
  • no-notes. #16260
  • Added --disable-color-correct-rendering switch. #15898
  • Allowed blocking of desktopCapturer.getSources() calls by handling the desktop-capturer-get-sources event. #15964
  • Be more lenient about whitespace in webview's "webpreferences" feature string. #15602
  • Correct windowMenu MenuItem role on MacOS. #15930
  • Disabled CORB checks when web security preference is disabled. #15737
  • Fix: hiddenInset titleBar console spam. #15576
  • Fix: make certain values on process read-only. #15628
  • Fix: move NativeWindow tracking to OSR WCV. #15585
  • Fixed <webview> not working with contextIsolation + sandbox. #16469
  • Fixed <webview> tag not working when using contextIsolation. #16067
  • Fixed windowmenu role not showing the window list on macOS. #16387
  • Fixed a bug that made all cookies non persistent. . #15836
  • Fixed a bug where window.opener of a window created with window.open from a sandboxed renderer was null. #15821
  • Fixed a problem where the focus would move to the browser window after the user (SHIFT +) tabbed through all the elements in the page (#12919). #16042
  • Fixed an issue where on Linux, the setuid sandbox was incorrectly enabled when passing --enable-mixed-sandbox. #15722
  • Fixed an issue with promise methods not resolving correctly over ipc in the renderer process. #16433
  • Fixed bug that caused menu accelerators to stop working on some linux. #15094
  • Fixed child windows invisible if opened with window.open from BrowserView with nativeWindowOpen enabled. #12686
  • Fixed crash on exit when using BrowserView. #15541
  • Fixed default font fallback for non-latin scripts. #15486
  • Fixed incorrect display of 'zoom in' accelerator on mac. #15502
  • Fixed incorrect foreground color on GTK menubar. #15878
  • Fixed missing remote object error when calling remote function created in preload script. #15444
  • Fixed regression regarding localStorage quota not being bypassed. #15596
  • Fixed returning headers with multiple values for stream protocols. #14887
  • Fixed some accelerators having Shift appended to them twice . #15400
  • Fixed support for precision trackpad/mouse scrolling on Windows. #15830
  • Fixed typo by changing "masOS" to "macOS". #15861
  • Implement proper Location object for BrowserWindowProxy. #15019
  • Support async child process methods without callback in asar. #15927

Other Changes

  • Removed potential double free when managing WebContents. #15280
  • Switch to V2 sandbox on mac. #15647
  • Improved tray icon context menu and menu bar accessibility. #15302
  • Added legacy callback function tests to prevent regressions as the promisification initiative continues. #16436
  • Don't expose NavigationController as an internal module. #15920
  • Fixed version bump script for first beta. 29e5195c
  • Merged code in brightray into atom. #15240
  • Missing process.getCreationTime() exposed in sandboxed renderers. #15824
  • Removed hardcoded Google API key. #15478
  • Removed support for deprecated construction of a TouchBar with an array of items, use an options object instead. #15650
  • Restore kill_win.cc dcheck. #15630
  • The default values of nodeIntegration and webviewTag are now false to improve security. #16235


  • Documentation changes: #14024, #14768, #15196, #15507, #15551, #15888, #16086, #16129, #16186, #16482

Release Notes for v4.0.0-beta.11

Note: This is a beta release. Please file new issues for any bugs you find in it.

This release is published to npm under the beta tag and can be installed via npm install electron@beta, or npm i electron@4.0.0-beta.11.


  • Fixed Electron not starting in development from the CLI. #16118
  • Fixed <webview> tag not working when using contextIsolation. #16069