Electron Releases

Release Notes for v0.31.0


  • Upgrade to Chrome 44.
  • Upgrade to io.js 3.1.0.
  • The protocol.registerProtocol and protocol.interceptProtocol APIs have been replaced by the protocol.register[File/String/Buffer/Http]Protocol and protocol.intercept[File/String/Buffer/Http]Protocol APIs.
  • The ffmpeg library is now statically linked to the binary.

Upgrade notice:

  • Most native modules are broken because of io.js upgrade, module writers need to use NAN v2 to rewrite the modules.
  • There are breaking changes in protocol module that require users to rewrite code that uses the protocol module.
  • Users no longer need to ship the ffmpeg library along with the app.

Release Notes for v0.30.4


  • Tray.popContextMenu API is renamed to Tray.popUpContextMenu.
  • Fix building native modules with npm shipped with io.js v3.0.0.
  • Fix crash when resizing windows that use <webview> tag.
  • Fix protocol.interceptProtocol not working until the app has started for a while.


  • Don't emit right-clicked event when there is menu attached in Tray.


  • Don't emit clicked event when there is menu attached in Tray.
  • Redraw Tray icon when menu is closed.