Electron Releases

Release Notes for v0.33.7


  • Calling webFrame.setZoomLevel nows also changes the zoom levels of <webview>s in the page.
  • Fix sending special keys with webContents.sendInputEvent.
  • Fix uncaught exception when releasing a remote object in browser process.
  • Fix various problems arounds minimum and maximum sizes of BrowserWindow.
  • Fix postMessage not working for windows opened by window.open.
  • Fix --ppapi-flash-path failed to recognize path with unicode characters.
  • Fix headers' value being converted to lower case in did-get-response-details event.
  • Fix HTTP requests' Accept-Language header not using system locale.


  • Don't add prefix for console.log outputs.
  • Fix BrowserWindow's size changed after restored from minimized state.


  • Fix frameless window has wrong initial size when it is not resizable.
  • Fix text-to-speech not working on OS X 10.11.


  • Fix calling BrowserWindow.setResizable(true) clears size constraints.