Electron Releases

Release Notes for v0.37.4


  • Upgrade to Node v5.10.0.
  • Remove the white flash when loading pages.
  • The default app is now packaged as asar archive.
  • The atom.asar in the resources directory is renamed to electron.asar.
  • Disable node integration in child windows opened with window.open when node integration is disabled in parent window.
  • Add app.setAsDefaultProtocolClient(protocol) and app.removeAsDefaultProtocolClient(protocol) APIs.
  • Fix crash when sending IPC messages.
  • Fix wrong disposition parameter of new-window event for certain types of background types.
  • Fix exception when calling remote method while not storing its remote object.


  • Add swipe event to BrowserWindow.
  • Fix backgroundColor option of BrowserWindow not working.

Release Notes for v0.37.3


  • <webview>'s background is now transparent by default.
  • Add NativeImage.getNativeHandle() API.
  • Add -i/--interactive flag to default app that starts a repl for the main process.
  • Fix occasional exception when using remote module.
  • Fix devtools workspace not working.
  • Fix exception when accelerator is undefined when calling Menu.buildFromTemplate.


  • Automatically set Application User Model ID when Squirrel.Windows is used.
  • Fix crash when showing notifications while notifications are disabled.