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Release Notes for v1.2.0


  • Update to Chrome 51. #5648
  • Returning a non-void value in beforeunload handler nows prevents the page to unload. #5648
  • Improve the "Error opening app" dialog. #5610
  • Improve how Promise is detected in remote module. #5689
  • Add webpageURL parameter to app.setUserActivity(type, userInfo[, webpageURL]) API. #5658
  • Fix document.visibilityState and visibilitychange event not working in <webview> tag. #5684
  • Fix unexpected behavior when calling app.quit() while there are BrowserWindows with closable set to false. #5701

Migration Notice:

  • Due to a change of Chrome 51, returning non-empty strings or true in beforeunload handler now prevents the page to unload. #5648
  • The private ATOM_SHELL_INTERNAL_RUN_AS_NODE environment variable has been removed, the code relies on it should use the public ELECTRON_RUN_AS_NODE environment variable instead. #5682
  • The internal ATOM_SHELL_ environment variables have been renamed, if you are maintaining your own Electron fork, you might be affected. #5683