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Release Notes for v1.0.2


  • Allow protocol module to be imported before the ready event of app module. #5406
  • Add context-menu event to WebContents. #5379
  • Add process.defaultApp property. #5421
  • Fix protocol.registerStandardSchemes(schemes) not working. #5406
  • Fix file system indexing not working in devtools. #5431
  • Fix crash when replying to the same synchronous message more than once. #5430
  • Fix expirationDate not showing for persistent cookies in session.cookies.get API. #5444
  • Fix protocol.registerStandardSchemes(schemes) not working. #5406
  • Fix exception after creating large numbers of renderer processes. #5491
  • Fix devtools extension repeatedly loaded when changing dock state. electron/brightray#219


  • Disable the scroll bounce (rubber banding) effect by default. #5412
  • Add scrollBounce option to webPreferences. #5412
  • Add app.setUserActivity(type, userInfo), app.getCurrentActivityType() APIs and continue-activity event for Handoff feature of OS X. #5352
  • Add app.dock.downloadFinished(filePath) API. #5477
  • Fix high CPU usage when using pty.js Node module. #5378
  • Fix app.removeAsDefaultProtocolClient(protocol) API not working. #5440


  • Resize the icon of dialog.showMessageBox() to a suitable size. #5496