Electron Releases

Release Notes for v19.0.11


  • Fixed WCO not responding to touch events on windows. #35176 (Also in 18, 20)
  • Fixed webContents.getUserAgent() incorrectly returning an empty string unless previously set. #35132 (Also in 17, 18, 20)
  • Fixed context menu not showing all items on macOS when dock is not hidden. #35199 (Also in 18)
  • None. #35172 (Also in 18, 20)

Other Changes

  • Disabled GPU acceleration on VMware on Linux. #35185

Release Notes for v19.0.10


  • Added support for --ozone-platform-hint flag on Linux. #35015 (Also in 20)
  • Fixed a Windows Control Overlay issue where a window taken directly from minimized to maximized state could have incorrect hover state. #35073 (Also in 20)
  • Fixed a crash when calling BrowserWindow.setEnabled(). #34971 (Also in 18, 20)
  • Fixed an issue in which calling setBounds() after e.preventDefault in a 'will-move' or 'will-resize' event wouldn't change the window's shape until the mouse button was released. #35083 (Also in 20)
  • Fixed an issue with fullscreen transitions when HTML fullscreen is requested. #34908 (Also in 20)
  • Fixed inertial scroll is broken when the scrollable element has an overlay with pointer-events: none. #35051
  • Fixed symbol generation on 32-bit Windows release builds. #35090 (Also in 20)