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Release Notes for v2.1.0-unsupported.20180809

This is an unsupported release for maintainers who requested new features in the maintenance series. Please use the 2.0.x stable series or 3.0.0-beta series instead and do not file issues against the 2.1.x series.

New Features

  • Allow setting window shape. #13789
  • Add getUploadProgress API to the net API. #13985
  • Add a display_id parameter to the desktopCapturer API. #13986

Release Notes for v2.0.18


  • Patched the FileReader vulnerability found in Google Chrome: https://electronjs.org/blog/filereader-fix

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • build: ensure index.json is actually valid JSON before uploading (backport: 2-0-x). #16748

  • chore: disable get/setLoginItemSettings specs. #16842