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Release Notes for v2.0.11

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • fix: quit properly in simpleFullScreen mode. #14671

  • ci: Skip VSTS testing builds on older branches. #14668

  • chore: fix await in cleanup script. #14694

  • docs: specify BrowserWindow features passable to window.open. #14701

  • docs: clarify allowable background colors for BrowserWindow transparency (backport: 2-0-x). #14780

  • fix: inconsistent titleBarStyle on transparent fullscreen. #14792

  • docs: correct key code reqs for accel doc. #14825

  • fix: get background color from GtkMenuBar#menubar. #14813

  • fix: enable key accelerator flags for Windows and Linux (backport: 2-0-x). #14858

  • chore: bump libcc submodule to e271f9ba29ff73167bbc4a7e125657caccb32960. #14839

Release Notes for v2.0.10

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • ci: don't run gn debug build on older branches. #14584

  • ci: don't run gn debug build on older branches (2-0-x). #14593

  • chore: bump libcc submodule to cbd04c0dccc7655cd42f02baee3a622d5170ac08. #14654

  • chore: dont pass --stable through to bump-version.py. #14667