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Release Notes for v2.0.9

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • [SECURITY] fix: dont parse arguments after a -- in the inspector (#14297). #14334 Additional Electron fix for CVE-2018-7160. Credit to Ignacio Bonilla for reporting this issue

  • fix: do not bubble up resize event from webview. #14272

  • deps: update node for two backports. #14298

  • fix: issue 10962, crash when open devtool. #13808

  • fix: don't crash on tray.setContextMenu(null). #14330

  • fix: crash when tray is destroyed. #14366

  • docs: added session-created event documentation (backport: 2-0-x). #14439

  • chore: add release-artifact-cleanup script. #14448

  • Fix documentation tyop. #14477

Release Notes for v2.0.8

Bug Fixes / Changes

  • [SECURITY] Fixed webPreferences inheritance issue. CVE-2018-15685
  • Fixed crash on startup on Linux systems running glibc 2.28. #13972
  • Made asarStatsToFsStats' return object inherit from fs.stats. #14040
  • Pressing escape now closes Dialogs on Mac even if defaultId is set. #14160
  • Improved typescript bindings. #14137