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Release Notes for v2.0.7

Bug Fixes

  • Fix handling SIGINT and SIGTERM in the Electron CLI helper. #13888
  • Remove upstream code that used private Mac API. #13919
  • Improve handling of --enable-features and --disable-features. #13921
  • Fix some APIs modified for ASAR support couldn't be util.promisified. #13960
  • Prevent menu update while it's open. #13966
  • Use unverified sync token in WebGL's DrawingBuffer. #13919

Release Notes for v2.0.6

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Widget::OnSizeConstraintsChanged crash. #13825
  • Fix crash caused by double-freeing remote references. #13735
  • Fix flicker on Macs when the GPU is under heavy load. #13896
  • Fixed 'will-attach-webview' event firing before src was set. #13714
  • Made setTimeout promisify-friendly. #13859
  • Use --enable-features and --disable-features. #13782
  • Minor documentation updates and fixes. #13856