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Release Notes for v23.1.2


  • Fixed destroyed event not emitted on close for BrowserView.webContents. #37451 (Also in 24)
  • Fixed an incorrect result returned when using secure as a cookies filter. #37248 (Also in 22, 24)
  • Fixed an issue where minWidth/minHeight and maxWidth/maxHeight would not be enforced if the user set an aspectRatio on macOS. #37457 (Also in 22, 24)
  • Fixed an issue where passing both hasReply and actions to a main process Notification on macOS resulted in the first action being obscured and unavailable. #37448 (Also in 22, 24)
  • Fixed draggable regions not working in Mac App Store builds. #37473 (Also in 24)
  • Fixed right-click events not being delivered in frameless window draggable regions. #37394 (Also in 24)

Other Changes

  • Improved error messages for contents.takeHeapSnapshot. #37460 (Also in 22, 24)
  • Updated Chromium to 110.0.5481.177. #37389