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Release Notes for v3.0.4

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • fix: setMaximizable to be true if window is resizable & maximizable. #15032

  • fix: Check minSize constraints before resizing (backport: 3-0-x). #15038

  • fix: Lifetime of auth_info_ in login handler. #15044

  • fix: handle shortcuts by default if no WebPreferences object exists. #15066

  • fix: update accelerator patch to handle recent chromium fixes. #15072

Release Notes for v3.0.3

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • fix: enable key accelerator flags for Windows and Linux (backport: 3-0-x). #14859

  • fix: roll node deps for fs event patch. #14864

  • fix: Disable new fade animation for BrowserViews. #14913

  • fix: check guest view's devtools window size. #14928

  • fix: use white background for non-OSR renderer by default. #14934

  • fix: support ASAR in fs.copyFile. #14953