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Release Notes for v5.0.11


  • Added default NSMicrophoneUsageDescription and NSCameraUsageDescription strings to info.plist. #19950
  • Fixed a crash when exiting simple fullscreen on macOS. #20291
  • Fixed an issue where cursor blink rate was not honored. #20045
  • Fixed command-line scheme arguments from spilling over into each other. #19939
  • Fixed i18n of GTK messageboxes' stock buttons. #20010
  • Fixed issue where using the menu on Linux would un-focus the webContents. #20034
  • Fixed web page displayed with offset when using native tab on macOS. #19882
  • Reduced the size of the chrome-sandbox binary on Linux from ~5MB to ~0.2MB by stripping debug symbols that were inadvertently being included. #20082

Release Notes for v5.0.10


  • Correctly internationalize i18n in GTK-based Linux dialogs. #19801
  • Fixed BrowserWindow's will-resize event returning wrong bounds on macOS. #19705
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't navigate the menu bar with the keyboard if you used the mouse to focus it. #19763
  • Fixed a crash in window.print(). #19678
  • Fixed bug where inputs would lose focus when opening the menu bar, preventing many menu items (Edit/Copy/Paste/etc.) to be unusable on Windows and Linux. #19707
  • Normalized out-of-bound value behavior for the setOpacity() API in BrowserWindow. #19724
  • Removed the possibility of a preload script being executed twice for the same process in quickly succeeding navigations in the same frame. #19828
  • Uint8Array and Uint16Array can now be sent correctly in Chrome Extension MessagePort instances. #19654


  • Documentation changes: #19796