Electron Releases

Release Notes for v6.1.6


  • Fixed accessibility window title on macOS. #21465
  • Fixed flicker when switching between BrowserViews after creating new BrowserView. #21396
  • Fixed throttling in webContents.setBackgroundThrottling. #21359

Other Changes

  • Generate debug symbols on Linux. #21280

Release Notes for v6.1.5


  • Disabled Touch Bar typing suggestions with autocorrect=off and spellcheck=false. #21191
  • Fixed ENOMEM error with Node.js child_process when using empty options.env. #21141
  • Fixed <webview>.capturePage() resolving with an empty object instead of NativeImage instance. #21105
  • Fixed backgroundThrottling: false not having an effect. #21014
  • Fixed broken globalShortcut.registerAll() on Windows and Linux. #20982
  • Fixed broken focus with OOPIF embedded inside webview. #21221
  • Fixed context menu disappearing when showing. #21226
  • Fixed crash using v8 Date.toLocale* api with invalid locales. #21188
  • Fixed exiting HTML fullscreen for cross-origin iframes (e.g. YouTube) while in macOS fullscreen. #21020
  • Fixed flickering when maximizing and restoring frameless windows. #21206
  • Fixed incorrect size of windows on differently scaled monitors. #21137