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Release Notes for v12.0.9


  • Fixed will-resize and will-move events not scaling the emitted newBounds rectangle to the appropriate Windows display scale factor. #29226 (Also in 11, 13)
  • Fixed incorrect value of document.focus when opening multiple windows on macOS. #29235

Release Notes for v12.0.8


  • Fixed webFrame spell checker APIs crashing when called in sandboxed renderer. #29086 (Also in 13)
  • Fixed an issue where illegal access error could be thrown when nodeIntegrationInSubFrames is enabled. #29169 (Also in 13)
  • Fixed an issue where extensions without a background page might not have file access. #29172 (Also in 13)
  • Fixed an issue where the void function Menu.setApplicationMenu would return a value on some platforms. #29128 (Also in 13)
  • Fixed corner radius for vibrancy view in macOS 11. #29071 (Also in 11, 13)


  • Documentation changes: #29148