Electron Releases

Release Notes for v0.37.6


  • Don't emit will-quit when app.exit() is called.
  • Add isMainFrame parameter to did-fail-load event of WebContents.
  • Add statusLine property to webRequest.OnHeadersReceived API's responseHeaders object.
  • Add backgroundThrottling option to webPreferences of BrowserWindow.
  • Add resourceType parameter to did-get-response-details event of WebContents.
  • Fix <webview> and preload script not working when there is no script tag in page.
  • Fix webRequest.onHeadersReceived API modifying original headers' status line.
  • Fix breakpoints not working after reloading in the devtools view.
  • Fix idle GC not working in the main process.
  • Fix the race condition between did-fail-load and did-finish-load events.
  • Fix wrong default transparent background for frameless window.
  • Fix SSL certificate information not showing in the Security tab of devtools.


  • Fix printing not working.
  • Fix support with NVDA/JAWS screen readers.
  • Fix crash when closing a window in its blur event handler.
  • Fix notification not showing when Application User Model ID is set.


  • Fix template image not working as tray icon on some machines.
  • Fix backgroundColor of BrowserWindow not displaying correctly.


  • Do not wait for xdg-open to exit when calling shell.openExternal.
  • Add support for the tag property of HTML5 Notification API.
  • Fix notifications not showing on Ubuntu 16.04.