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Release Notes for v3.0.8

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • Fix missing remote object error when calling remote function created in preload script (3-0-x). #15445

  • fix: explicitly set windowsHide to the old node default. #15514

  • chore: publish to the latest tag correctly when releasing old versions (#15515). #15520

  • docs: add Size as an option for pageSize in docs for printToPDF. #15525

  • docs: fix the "second-instance" event handler signature in the docs. #15546

  • fix: Empty menu case. #15553

  • build: add v8_context_generator to mksnapshot zip (3-0-x). #15505

  • fix: use NSURL path for receipt url. #15573

Release Notes for v3.0.7


  • Fix: set NSResizableWindowMask at init time. #15384
  • Fixed Ctrl+Alt+<x> accelerators on Windows. #15378
  • Fixed crash when showing source folder in devtools. #15396
  • Fixed default trash impl on linux to use gio. #15421
  • Fixed printing related bugs on Windows. #15402
  • Fixed some accelerators having Shift appended to them twice. electron/libchromiumcontent:698

Other Changes


  • Documentation changes: #15418, #15461, #15499