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Release Notes for v3.0.6

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • fix: loading of devtools extensions on startup (backport: 3-0-x). #15264

  • fix: Convert to lower case in upload symbols script (backport: 3-0-x). #15261

  • fix: make release-artifact-cleanup executable (backport: 3-0-x). #15272

  • chore: make macOS release builds higher priority to skip the queue. #15284

  • fix: trim app name and productName. #15286

  • test: asyncawaitify one of sandbox related tests (backport: 3-0-x). #15281

  • spec: increase MAS timeout for login items. #15296

  • fix: correctly enable and disable windows on Windows and Linux (backport: 3-0-x). #15255

  • fix: ability to fetch separators by id. #15299

  • docs: we don't emit an event object for session-created. #15308

  • fix: correct reversed logic in NativeWindowMac::SetEnabled. #15324

  • fix: Native window close crash. #15338

  • fix: honor dialog.showMessageBox()'s Icon argument on Linux. #15342

  • chore: bump libcc (3-0-x). #15374

Release Notes for v3.0.5

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • [SECURITY] chore: bump libcc, handle type confusion in Promise.all (3-0-x). #15201

  • fix: check dbus response for null before use. #15033

  • docs: app.getLoginItemStatus -> app.getLoginItemSettings. #15113

  • spec: re-enable app.getAppMetric API. #15123

  • fix: natively implement LoginItems methods. #15128

  • fix: Memory > Profiles > Load in DevTools. #15155

  • fix: preserve background color through reload (backport: 3-0-x). #15175

  • fix: simpleFullscreen window should be on top of other OS X menu bars. #15183

  • fix: Menu accelerators not working Unity. #15181

  • fix: do not enable node integration in child window if not enabled. #15108

  • chore: warn memory leak when using nativeWindowOpen with nodeIntegration (3-0-x). #15192

  • add width to webview iframe. #15204